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Willkommen bei KevinPowell.Absolutely.Exposed!

Kevin William Powell

Hello! My name is Kevin William Powell. Welcome to my site!

Bitte klicke auf mein Foto oder hier um teilzunehmen, aber NUR wenn du mindestens 21 Jahre alt bist

I am a sissy fag. I live in Greensboro, North Carolina.

I love to wear female clothing. While dressed as a woman all I think about is sucking and getting fucked by dick. I have been owning and wearing panties as my only undies for so many years now, I cant remember how long its been lol. I think it's about time I start dressing fully like girl and start living as my true self. I also want to change my name to Kelly Michelle Powell as I dress as a female and maybe start hormones. My ex wife and a gay friend I don't really chat with know I love dressing as a female and want to be one.

The reason why I want to be part of this site is because I am having a hard time coming out of the closet, so I figure exposure is the best way. Maybe even be forced into getting rid of all my male clothing as I get exposed or used by a alpha male.

I want to be exposed as the sissy fag I am and to be spread around the internet until I can no longer hide.Maybe even have alpha males near me come use me taking pics and videos I hope hehe.

To add to my exposure they could even help me make sure all my male clothing is gone if they wish. My twitter is @kellypowell1 and my facebook is, my grindr is sissy kelly and hornet id is @yr48e. Look me up I am ready to have my hole used with more pics and videos for exposing me. So please help expose me to anyone and everyone I shouldn't be allowed to hide in the closet anymore. I need to be dressing like a female daily and dating men like a good sissy fag.

Anyone has my permission to paste any links shares any photos or videos to help in my exposure. The fact I like about online exposure is it can be easily permanent at least I want mine to be. I want my exposure to be posted and displayed for life. I have done a few exposures on twitter, xhamster and some others listed below. Please anyone who wants can call and tease me or meet me and can expose me even further which you know I need!!

Please help expose me and ruin me while making sure I have no choice but to dress fully like a female for life, please I am begging you please help!

Und ich bin so stolz darauf, Teil von TheBestOf.Absolutely.Exposed zu sein!